iPhone 8 vs XR

Apple’s iPhone X was the first in Apple’s new series of iPhones attempting to get as close as possible to a bezel-less, all display phone. It completely changed the design of the classic iPhone that had been in use since the very first model released in 2007. Released alongside the X in 2017 was the iPhone 8, a promise of stability (and affordability) for people who were satisfied with the original design, wanting a functional and familiar experience that did not require additional learning. 

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iPhone XR vs XS

Next in line after Apple’s successful iPhone X launch is the addition of the iPhone XS and XR to the mix. The comparison of the two models can cause some confusion due to the fact that Apple had been pretty linear when it came to the naming of their products. The likes of a new line of product ending with XR intrigued many, much like the iPhone 5C release.  Although the phones might look similar in appearance, they’re some key differences that need to be considered when comparing the two. 

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iPhone XR vs Samsung Galaxy S10

In a bid to provide users with a less expensive, yet superb experience, as offered by the iPhone X, Apple introduced the iPhone XR – similar in many ways to iPhone X but boasts of uniquely impressive features on many scores. More and more users have since embraced iPhone XR, mainly because of its performance boost

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iPhone 11 vs XR

Released less than a year after the XR, Apple’s iPhone 11 looks a lot like its predecessor, but there are some significant changes to features and technology that may make the iPhone 11 a “must-have” for many users. After introducing the iPhone XR at a more affordable price than the iPhoneX, Apple again lowered the introductory price of its newest phone, offering the iPhone 11 for just $699 at the time of release.

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