iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6S

It might not seem like there is a whole lot to talk about when comparing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Some say that these phones are too outdated to even be considered. Each one respectively has their own pros and cons. The iPhone 6 is a great device for getting your foot in the door for using smartphones. However, the iPhone 6S is a fantastic cheap upgrade when comparing raw power and cutting edge features to previous iPhones.

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iPhone X vs XS

The comparison between the iPhone X and iPhone XS can be a tricky one. Although the iPhone XS is the successor of the X model, they both have many similarities when comparing them. How exactly are they different though?

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iPhone XR vs iPhone 8

Getting the latest and greatest smartphone these days can run a heavy price tag. With Apple’s recent release of the iPhone 11 and it’s even more expensive siblings, the 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max, they are setting the bar higher than ever before. What if you don’t want to trade an arm and a leg for the newest upgrade? Some say you can’t compare apples to oranges, but the previous generation iPhones aren’t as bad as you may think. We will be taking a look at how the iPhone 8 can stand its ground against the critically acclaimed iPhone XR.

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iPhone XR vs XS

Next in line after Apple’s successful iPhone X launch is the addition of the iPhone XS and XR to the mix. The comparison of the two models can cause some confusion due to the fact that Apple had been pretty linear when it came to the naming of their products. The likes of a new line of product ending with XR intrigued many, much like the iPhone 5C release.  Although the phones might look similar in appearance, they’re some key differences that need to be considered when comparing the two. 

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