iPhone XR vs Oneplus 6T

When considering to upgrade to a certified used phone from 2018, both The XR, and the Oneplus 6T are strong contenders due to their attractive pricing and brand reputation. One of the biggest factors of choosing one phone over the other will revolve around iOS vs Android in 2020 and features that one phone has over the other. 

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iPhone 8 vs XR

Apple’s iPhone X was the first in Apple’s new series of iPhones attempting to get as close as possible to a bezel-less, all display phone. It completely changed the design of the classic iPhone that had been in use since the very first model released in 2007. Released alongside the X in 2017 was the iPhone 8, a promise of stability (and affordability) for people who were satisfied with the original design, wanting a functional and familiar experience that did not require additional learning. 

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